Wednesday, January 2, 2013

As Time Goes By

Another day, another 300 miles or so.  Seems like forever since I've spent a whole day in my little nest in Seeker.  Mike helped me pack up all my things laying around his house and load them all back into Seeker.  Once I had all the loaded items staged securely it was time to pull out and head south. 

Anyone who knows me knows how I hate to travel by interstate.  You have to go too fast and you miss all the really cool places along the old highways.  This trip was a refreshing return to my meandering ways.  I took GA 441 south which has become like an old friend to me as it was the most direct route between Folkston and Winder last winter.  Putnam County holds some special memories for me.  It's the home of Rock Eagle, a training camp for 4H leaders that I attended back in 2001.  I did some of my first geocaches there.  In the heart of the county is Eatonton and home of Joel Chandler Harris.  If you ever get the chance to visit Brer Rabbit's cabin there you will love it.  It's also home to Alice Walker who wrote among other things, a book called The Color Purple. 

A little further south and across the river is Milledgeville and Andalusia, the home of a great southern gothic writer named Flannery O'Connor.  I used to love teaching her short story called "A Good Man is Hard to Find".   I have never been in town on the right day to stop for the tour.  Today was the same old story, so I traveled on until I got to Dublin in Laurens County.

I found the folks at the visitor center really friendly and helpful.  I studied the huge map of Georgia on the wall and talked with my hostess determining that I could continue on 441 for a ways and then turn east on 341 which would take me to Brunswick and then I would need to travel only a short distance of 25 miles on I95 to get to my final destination of St. Marys, GA. 

Most of the day I traveled in sunshine and short sleeves.  YES!!  Just about the time I hit 95 I hit the rain.  But the temps remained in the low 60s so I won't complain.  So now it is late and after finding a nice, level campsite for the night and having some supper it's time to turn in.  Tonight's low temp is 58 - Casablanca is playing on DVD - Sam is playing it again.  As Time Goes By.......


  1. Happy to see you back on the road again but how wonderful you were able to be with family when they needed you. Safe travels.

  2. Hi, I am a newbe rv'r and a newbe over on the RVWomen forum
    love your blog...hope to meet your at the FL. GTG
    donna aka grammynmaggie