Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Spending an Inside Day

Since the weather was wet and rainy it seemed like a good time to check out a museum.  I had seen the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum from the interstate a few times and never seemed to hit it just right, kind of like the Submariners Museum.  But today was different.  I actually made a deliberate trip to get there.  The admission is $10 but I got a buck off for being old.  Hey, I take what I can get.  Now, as a history teacher and a WWII buff, I was aware of some of the history for the 8th, but I sure learned a lot more.  Of course there was a section dedicated to Hap Arnold and his support of the women pilots of WWII.  But there was also a complete B26 in the hangar, lots of info on pilots who were shot down and with the help of the underground were able to survive and return to England where the 8th was based.  My dear friend Margaret Salm was assigned to a communications unit in England that supported the pilots of the 8th in 1943 and 1944.  Jimmy Stewart, yes the Hollywood one, was also a pilot in the 8th.  And to think that all that history began with a little National Guard unit in Pooler, GA.  Enjoy the pix!!

Humble Beginnings...
There were quite a few personal items in the showcases.  Pilots from all over the country who once flew for the Mighty 8th have sent their artifacts to be preserved here.

Outside in the courtyard was a chapel much like the ones found in the English countryside during the war.

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